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              After the first cooperation in 2018, knauf,one of the world's top 500 and the world's leading manufacturer of greenbuilding materials, has recently joined hands with chenzhong machinery.Chenzhong machinery has been always striving for excellence, and the spirit ofcraftsmanship has been recognized by customers again. Chinese products havegained a foothold in the European market.


              Knaufglobal supplier selection procedures complicated and strict, after more thanhalf a year's investigation, inspection, finally knauf choose ChenzhongMachinery High consistency refiner as a new technology of testing machine, Forthe special raw materials and technology of gypsum board, Chenzhong Machinerydesigned a high consistency refiner, and for the transport problem do thevacuum packaging, to avoid the corrosion problem in transit, this has beenhighly recognized by the customer.After the operation in 2018, the equipmentruns well and meets the customer's requirements.


              Withthe cooperation foundation laid in the early stage, it is natural for aprofound machinery factory and a world-leading industry benchmark to cometogether again. After wheat straw, cotton, bagasse, eucalyptus, bamboo pulp,cotton stalks, waste paper and tobacco stalks, the application of the highconsistency refiner in the architectural materials industry has been successfulagain.


              Chenzhong machinery based on the domestic, layout of the world, in recent years inforeign countries successfully run a number of paper pulp production lines, wonthe strong praise of customers, this time again successfully hand in hand withthe world's top 500, building materials industry leader, destined to combinethe moment has extraordinary significance.

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